Summer cottage in the Tokaj wine district in Hungary

Location: Bodrogkeresztur, 8 km from Tokaj, 11 km from Szerencs.

Landscape: The house is situated on a slope of the wine mountain Dereszla close to the river Bodrog and the Zemplen mountains. The Bodrog, which is a major tributary to Tisza, is suited for swimming, boating and fishing. Beyond the Bodrog is the plain Bodrogköz which is a Ramsar bird reservation.

Area of plot: 700 m2  from which 100 m2  is occupied by house.

The house: Traditional peasant house built around 1910 from local volcanic stone and roofed with red tiles. 20 m2 living room with electric heating in tile floor. 20 m2 kitchen with tile floor, electric cooker, refrigerator, dish washer and iron stove. 10  m2 chamber, 10  m2 bathroom with toilet, shower and washing machine. Along the south side of the house is a partially covered, paved terrace

The garden: 50 m2 lawn with entrance to old, vaulted wine cellar and entrance to an additional bathroom with toilet and shower. The rest of the garden is a small terraced vineyard with about 40 vines (Kekfrankos/Blaufranken) that yield 90 liter red wine a year. On the upper level (street level) there is a parking place shaded by a pergola.

Shopping: There are small shops and a medium size super market in Bodrogkeresztur. Large supermarkets in Tokaj (Penny Market, Coop) and Szerencs (Spar, Coop, Lidl, Penny Market and Tesco).

Public transport: Main line train stations in Tokaj and Szerencs. From Szerencs there is a branch line with station in Bodrogkeresztur. Train to and from Budapest every two hours, 3 hours ride. All public transport (train, bus, street car, metro) in Hungary is free for senior citizens (>65) including EU citizens.

Price: €80.000.